Concept Construction Group.


We manage all aspects of domestic building work and our experience can be very useful at the planning stage where advice on what is and is not possible is often very valuable. We can often see potential in a site that has escaped the owner or developer. This particularly true in conversions, extensions and refurbishments.


In today's housing market, it can make sense to maximise the value of your existing home, rather than embark upon the risky business of property chains and the rising cost of mortgages. A well-planned and well-built extension can not only meet the needs of a growing family, but add a surprising amount to the overall value of the property. At Concept Construction Group we have a great deal of experience of this kind of work and our local knowledge of planning regulations can be very useful.

Renovations and Conversions

In recent years there has been a rush to convert everything from cowsheds to garages into family homes. Some work well and sadly, some do not. We pride ourselves on creating really sympathetic conversions, using a mix of traditional and modern materials and completely revitalising the property. We always try to retain something of the character of the original building, whilst bringing an exciting and completely fresh look and feel appropriate for its new use. This can be a very successful way of investing in property and we are often prepared to partner with owners in adding real value to an under-utilised property asset.

Loft conversions

A well conceived and well-built loft conversion, or dormer installation, can completely transform a home. Depending on the property, the conversion can simply add an office 'in the roof', or it can convert a three bedroom house into a very substantial, five bedroom home. And while these changes can take place in a surprisingly small amount of space, it is not a job for the DIY enthusiast. Wooden roof beams often need to be replaced with steel supports. The new construction must comply with building regulations and sometimes local planning permission will be required. Nobody has more experience in this type of work than Concept Construction Group and we can also help with designing and planning your conversion.

New Build

It is always exciting to start work on a completely new property. And in Concept Construction Group Construction, you'll find we deliver the same professionalism and dedication from the first spadeful of earth we turn, to the point when we hand you the keys. Unlike other builders you may have worked with before, we maintain the tempo throughout the process – no going off to another job in the middle of your work and because all the tradesmen working on the site are Concept Construction Group employees, we aren't 'let down' by other firms failure to turn up on time. Competitive in our pricing, conscious of our promises and proud of our work, we will be very happy to quote for your new build business.